Photo by Daniela Velasco

Renata Souza Luque is a Mexican born, Product Design graduate with a minor in Communication Design from the Parsons School of Design (New York, ‘17).

She prides herself in using her bicultural life experiences from her Mexican-American background, as inspiration for her designs. By combining color with practicality, style with function and boldness with precision, she has come to believe that exposure to opposing cultures strengthens an artist's ability to recognize design opportunities. She seeks to expose herself to new experiences in order to accelerate her growth as a designer. In addition, Souza is interested in creating products that have a lasting impact on society and in turn, is concerned about the environmental impact stemming from her designs.

Souza’s capstone project Thomy was a United States national finalist in the James Dyson Award 2017. She attended Dutch Design week 17’ with the Antenna program from Design Indaba. She was chosen as one of the twenty recent graduate panelists to present her project Thomy in the Netherlands.
Additionally, she was invited as a guest speaker to the annual Design Indaba conference in South Africa 18’ amongst highly recognized designers, artists, architects, thinkers and entrepreneurs such as Neri Oxman, Alejandro Aravena and Thomas Heatherwick.

After spending time in Mexico and Australia, Souza is currently based in New York. She has officially formed a company “THUMY” (which started out as her capstone project) all while working as a freelance furniture designer at Ralph Lauren.

+1 857 210 4433