"Peggall" is a wall that doubles as an adjustable rack designed for the visitors of the Children’s Museum of the Arts. Adults and children are able to adjust the pegs to fit all of their items while making the most out of empty wall space.

As a result of observations, the museum has limited storage and noise echoes throughout the museum. Peggall works as a vertical storage system as well as sound absorbent through the use of felt lining. The pegs are injection molded polyethylene plastic which has a smooth surface to help with ease of assembly. The Peggall blends playfulness with practicality all while contributing to the aesthetic of the room.

In collaboration with Eugene Chang and Lauren McGregor.

Assignment: The Children's Museum of the Arts in New York City asked us to address the following issues: storage, acoustics and hygiene. We decided to address their acoustic and storage problem.

Materials: Plywood, metal studs, synthetic felt and polyethylene plastic.

Machines used: CNC machine and laser cutter.