"Thumy" is an insulin kit for children (ages four and over) with type 1 diabetes. It is designed to facilitate the administration of insulin into the body. The set uses temporary tattoos to help children remember where they have previously injected the insulin, avoiding complications at the injection site. It also uses an insulin pen designed specifically for a child's hand. Both products are intuitive and playful, adding a bit of fun and whimsy to the process of managing a difficult condition.

Thumy was:

  • United States national finalist in the James Dyson Award 2017. 

  • Speaker and guest at the Antenna Conference at Dutch Design Week 2017.

  • Speaker and guest at Design Indaba Conference 2018.

  • Index Award Finalist 2019 (body category).

  • Index Award 2019 People’s Choice Award winner.

Assignment: Senior Capstone Project.

Materials: Non-toxic all natural pigments (tattoos), Polyoxymethylene (POM) (insulin pen).

Process: Injection Molding (insulin pen).

*Concept Product - Not For Comercial Distribution



- Dutch Design week, Design Indaba, 2017

- Design Indaba Festival, 2018 


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Renata Souza makes insulin injections fun for children with type 1 diabetes.

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